TRUFFLIN® Sriracha & Ranch VIP Set 2x 8.5oz bottles


Ranch must be refrigerated upon receipt

Team Sriracha or Team Ranch, we've got you covered! Our chef-curated sauces both sit in an elegant gift box.

• TRUFFLIN® BLACK TRUFFLE SRIRACHA hot sauce blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, heart healthy hibiscus, and cold pressed olive oil naturally infused with umami packed black truffle flavor, and zero added sugar. It’s just hot enough to awaken your palate, allowing the black truffle to come forward, and finishes with that classic Sriracha spice.

*Gluten Free *No Preservatives *Keto Friendly *Polyphenol-Rich *Low Acidity *0 Added Sugar

• TRUFFLIN® BLACK TRUFFLE RANCH is made in small batches for authentic truffle flavor to achieve only the truest fresh & savory ranch goodness. We created the first and only black truffle ranch in the world with optimal thickness in mind, making it perfect for both dipping your favorite snacks in or dressing your everyday salad. The complex balance between our organic herb and spice blend and the earthiness of the black truffle also makes our Ranch a great addition to more elevated dishes like baked fish or lamb rack. This really is the Ranch you didn’t know you were missing.

*Gluten Free *Soy Free *Made using Extra Virgin Olive Oil *Natural Preservatives

• THE WHOLE PACKAGE - Our sauces are made with some of the world's most precious ingredients, so we pack them with the utmost care in our elegant matte deluxe VIP Trufflin box to create an elevated experience from the moment you open your package.

TRUFFLIN RANCH is safe unrefrigerated for a maximum of 10 days. As a courtesy Ranch is shipped with ice packs to help extend freshness during shipping but they are not required as the ranch is safe for consumption unrefrigerated for up to 10 days. 
Shelf Life - 4 months

TRUFFLIN SRIRACHA is shelf stable & requires refrigeration after opening. 
Shelf Life - 1 Year



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