Black Diamond Luxe Gift Set


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Give the gift of the black diamond (truffle) and pearls (caviar.) Our premium caviar, truffle-infused products & complimentary fresh truffle come in an elegant and luxurious black box that can be used to store jewelry, watches or any sentimental value items. 
  • 1 Black Vegan Leather Box 
  • 2 oz Renaissance Caviar (Domestic Hackleback) 2-3 Servings.                                 Wild-caught caviar, nutty and sweet. The roe is dark and firm with a mild, subtle flavor. Sustainable origin.
  • 3 Mother of Pearl Spoons, including one with tassels
  • 1 Caviar key 
  • Black Truffle Grey Sea Salt/Sel Gris From Guerande natural truffle essence with nuggets of black truffle. 

  • Black Truffle Raw Wildflower Honey from Provence with real Black Truffle slices. Perfect to serve with your charcuterie & cheese board. 

  •  1 complimentary Fresh French Summer Truffle                                                                 *Tuber Aestivum - Fresh Summer truffles from Provence, south of France with a delicate, buttery flavor & aroma. Summer truffles are lighter in taste and aroma than winter truffles, which makes them an "affordable luxury".                                          *Most chefs complement summer truffles with truffle oil in dishes like truffle pasta or pizza, although summer truffles can really shine on their own in dishes like crudos, eggs & tartares. If you aren't familiar with Summer Truffles and have any questions prior to placing an order, feel free to reach out at 

Box Measurements: 

101/4 wide x 9 1/4 deep x 41/2 high