Fresh Black Australian Winter Truffle - 4 oz


Ships Monday through Thursday - Delivers Tuesday through Friday

Tuber Melanosporum - Whole Fresh Black Winter Truffles with a full bodied and earthy flavor & strong aroma. This famous truffle is in season twice a year: From December to March in France and from June to August in Australia. We get them from both countries as they are one of the most popular truffles in the world. 

Black Winter Truffles are very different from Summer Truffles, even though they are in season at the same time. If you want that classic, pungent truffle flavor, you should purchase Fresh Black Australian Winter Truffles. Summer Truffles are very light in flavor and aroma, with nutty, buttery and slightly sour notes, which is why they are much cheaper. 

1 ounce = 2 to 3 servings


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