Fresh Black Summer Truffles - 16 oz (1 lb)

  • Tuber Aestivum - Fresh Summer truffles from Provence, south of France with a delicate, buttery flavor & aroma. Summer truffles are lighter in taste and aroma than winter truffles, which makes them an "affordable luxury".  Do not expect the same taste and aroma as black or white winter truffles - they are very different!
  • Most chefs complement summer truffles with truffle oil in dishes like truffle pasta or pizza, although summer truffles can really shine on their own in dishes like crudos, eggs & tartares. If you aren't familiar with Summer Truffles and have any questions prior to placing an order, feel free to reach out at 
  • Ships Monday through Thursday - Delivers Tuesday through Friday
  • Order before 3p EST, Mon.-Thurs. for next day delivery.
  • 1 OUNCE = 2-3 SERVINGS