Fresh Black Summer Truffles - 2 oz

  • Tuber Aestivum - Fresh Summer truffles from Provence, south of France with a delicate, buttery flavor & aroma. Summer truffles are lighter in taste and aroma than winter truffles, which makes them an "affordable luxury". 
  • More info: Everything You Should know About Summer Truffles
  • Most chefs complement summer truffles with truffle oil in dishes like truffle pasta or pizza, although summer truffles can really shine on their own in dishes like crudos, eggs & tartares. If you aren't familiar with Summer Truffles and have any questions prior to placing an order, feel free to reach out at 
    • Ships Monday through Thursday - Delivers Tuesday through Friday,
  • Order before 3p EST, Mon.-Thurs. for next day delivery.
  • 1 OUNCE = 2-3 SERVINGS

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