Truffles & Caviar Black Summer Gift Set


*The Organic Black Truffle Oil in product image is currently Out Of Stock and temporarily replaced by our Black Truffle oil with real black truffle pieces.

Items containing fresh truffles arrive to you Tuesday through Friday. Please purchase within the same week you are ready to consume them. As market prices fluctuate weekly, fresh truffle orders cannot be scheduled for a later date. 



- 1 oz Fresh French Summer Truffle

  • Tuber Aestivum - Fresh Summer truffles from Provence, south of France with a delicate, buttery flavor & aroma. Summer truffles are lighter in taste and aroma than winter truffles, which makes them an "affordable luxury". 
  • Most chefs complement summer truffles with truffle oil in dishes like truffle pasta or pizza, although summer truffles can really shine on their own in dishes like crudos, eggs & tartares. If you aren't familiar with Summer Truffles and have any questions prior to placing an order, feel free to reach out at 

- 2 oz Renaissance Caviar (Domestic Hackleback) 2-3 Servings

Wild-caught caviar great for large parties, Nutty and sweet. The roe is dark and firm with a very mild, subtle flavor. Sustainable origin.

- Raw All Natural French Black Truffle Honey w/ Black Truffle Slices

- French All Natural Black Truffle oil with real black truffle pieces in an elegant glass bottle. *Organic truffle oil in product image is currently Out Of Stock. 

Black truffle salt made with sel gris from Guerande, France - This type of salt is one of the best in the world and has 0 additives, packed with nutrients and has nuggets of black truffle throughout.

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