We live for the hustle. And for the ritual of the Truffle.


Not just for the Michelin-starred.

The elevation of food—really, really good food—can be a meaningful thing. But we don’t believe in fancy food just for the sake of it. We believe in incredible quality, and incredible flavor, and relishing in everything that food has to offer, from the humble bodega egg and cheese to the 14-course tasting menu from a hotshot chef. We think it’s high time someone broke down the barriers that tell us that certain ingredients exist for a certain type of people.

That’s why we set out to democratize gourmet food.

Welcome to the ritual of the truffle.

We started Trufflin to bring high quality French truffles to NYC chefs. Now, we’re bringing them to home kitchens all around the world. Our recipes are made from scratch alongside some of the top chefs we work with—they’re our first taste-testers and our toughest critics, and they make sure we only deliver exceptional flavor. So whether you’re tossing our Sriracha into your morning eggs or finishing off a dish with our truffle-infused oil, you’ll get an experience worthy of your passion of food, whatever that means to you. Welcome to the ritual of the truffle.


We are Cornelious Robinson and Liv Woudstra-Robinson. She hails from the South of France, where her family’s got a long history with truffles (and the truffle-hunting dogs to prove it). He spent years on the Atlanta food scene, first in the kitchen, learning French technique at a James Beard-awarded restaurant, then behind the bar at the onset of the craft cocktail revolution. We met in NYC, where Cornelious curated menus and trained staff at the likes of The Top of The Standard’s Boom Boom Room, Saxon Parole, and the SoHo Grand Hotel.

We brought that collective passion for gastronomy together over a simple idea: to bring the highest-quality truffles available to the best chefs in NYC. It’s always been important that we own the process end-to-end, and we’re admittedly a little obsessive about our standards. That’s why we source our truffles from a collective of French truffle hunters and farmers, ensuring top-grade quality from season to season. 

The truffles may be French, but the hustle is 100% New York grit.

We knocked on a lot of doors and snuck into our fair share of kitchens to introduce our truffles to the NYC chef community. And that hustle paid off. These days, you’ll find us in the restaurants like Le Bernadin, Eleven Madison Park, and Masa. And with the launch of our truffle products and caviar, we’re just as grateful to be part of your kitchen.