Trufflin is not responsible for shipping delays once the package is in transit and does not issue refunds the sole basis of a delayed delivery, but only upon verified quality concerns. Please read carefully: 

Due to the nature of our goods and for food safety reasons, Trufflin products are non-refundable unless the customer experienced a verified quality concern / damage, or if an issue occurs while a fresh item is in transit. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive your fresh item according to the estimated delivery date provided by the shipping carrier in the tracking link, or if the package shows as delivered but you have not received it, please contact Trufflin within 24 hours so we can assist you. A one day delay while the package is in transit does not justify a refund as the product is packaged to stay fresh in case of carrier delay, unless the product arrives damaged. Fresh orders should not be placed last minute to receive next day: please consider processing time for the order and / or any shipping delay and plan ahead for a few days ahead for a special event. 

 Please follow the below steps to file a quality concern/damage claim: 

-Step 1: Do not throw away the product whether it is perishable or not (unless if liquid has leaked and cannot be contained, if so take a photo of the leak and discard the product.)

-Step 2: Contact us within 24 hours of receipt at with a photo and description of the issue, and your order confirmation number. 

Step 3: If perishable (truffles, ranch or caviar) keep the product refrigerated until you hear back from our team. 

We do not consider claims if:

-The above steps have not been respected by the customer 

-The product shows significant sign of usage 

-The product is not ready to be returned in its original packaging (do not discard the shipping box or ice packs it came in / with)

Like any fresh natural products, imperfections or issues during shipping can occur but remain extremely rare due to our thorough quality control packaging process. Trufflin guarantees the highest quality standard on all products, our online orders receive the same level of attention as the Michelin Star restaurants we deliver to on a daily basis. 

Customers should carefully read each the product description on each item's page prior to purchase, especially in regards to Fresh Truffle purchases as the aroma intensity and flavor profile vary significantly based on the truffle variety, seasonality or prep technique. 


Trufflin is not responsible for packages that were stolen after being delivered by the shipping carrier. If deliveries are unsecured at the shipping address provided, you must notify Trufflin immediately upon purchase (note at checkout) to request a signature. Due to the volume of orders we handle, our default shipping option does not require a signature, otherwise most packages would be delayed and fresh items would not be delivered in a timely manner. The signature request applies if no one - you, a member of your household or a building manager - is physically present to receive the package, if you do not have a secured mail room or a digital doorman. If you have had issues with stolen packages in the past, you should also require the signature option. 


Due to the time-sensitive nature of our products and for food safety reasons, all purchases are final. However we review order cancellation requests on a case by case basis.