Black Truffle Sriracha

Our chef-curated Sriracha hot sauce blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, hibiscus, and cold pressed olive oil naturally infused with black winter truffle (tuber melanosporum), with zero added sugar. It’s just hot enough to awaken your palate, allowing the black truffle flavor to come forward, and finishes with that classic Sriracha spice.

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The elevation of food—really, really good food—can be a meaningful thing. But we don’t believe in fancy food just for the sake of it. We believe in incredible quality, incredible flavor, and relishing in everything that food has to offer, from the humble bodega egg and cheese to the 14-course tasting menu from a hotshot chef. We think it’s high time someone broke down the barriers that tell us that certain ingredients exist for a certain type of people.