Fresh Black Summer Truffles

Fresh truffles ship Monday-Thursday, deliver Tuesday-Friday.  Please allow 1 business day to process your order to ensure availability of fresh inventory. Overnight shipping refers to the time spent in transit. We usually accommodate same day shipping if orders are placed by 12 PM EST, but it can vary based on demand and inventory. 
If a specific delivery date is required, please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate, or email us immediately upon purchase at  Do not order weeks before the desired delivery date as market price may change. MUST BE REFRIGERATED UPON RECEIPT. 
  • Tuber Aestivum - Fresh Summer truffles from Provence, south of France with a delicate, buttery flavor & aroma. Summer truffles are lighter in taste and aroma than winter truffles, which makes them an "affordable luxury". 
  • Most chefs complement summer truffles with truffle oil in dishes like truffle pasta or pizza, although summer truffles can really shine on their own in dishes like crudos, eggs & tartares. Think of them as an "ostentatious garnish" in the words of chef Joe Mangiano. 
  • If you aren't familiar with Summer Truffles and have any questions prior to placing an order, feel free to reach out at 
  • Ships Monday through Thursday - Delivers Tuesday through Friday. Request a quote for Saturday delivery by emailing 
    • 1 OUNCE = 2 SERVINGS

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