It's Renaissance Week!

Last month, the Queen herself Beyonce announced that her new album "Renaissance" will be out on July 29th. As Beyonce fans, we at Trufflin were beyond excited by the news! Not only Queen B was announcing her highly anticipated new project, but it was to bare the same name that we chose years ago for one of our most iconic products: "Renaissance".

When we named our caviar collection back in 2018, we wanted each of our products to be a reflection of who we are as a small Black-owned and Female-owned business. That's why we chose names that would pay homage to Black Culture & History, especially New York's Black Culture.

"Renaissance" was the first name we found, as a tribute to the Harlem Renaissance. It's a time period so rich in creativity, hustle and innovation that we feel deeply inspired by. It resonated with us back then, and we cannot wait to hear Beyonce's own "Renaissance". 

As young entrepreneurs, she has always been a role model to us: her drive, work ethic and ability to unapologetically set trends remains unmatched. Call it coincidence or a sign, we are really excited to share the spirit of "Renaissance" with Queen B.

We're celebrating with 20% Off our Renaissance Caviar this week with the code QUEENB at checkout.  If you're a Beyonce fan planning a listening party with friends on release day, a little caviar will be the perfect touch! 

Don't forget to check out our whole caviar collection to discover other names inspired by Black History.