Meet DeeDee, our family truffle dog

DeeDee is our beloved family truffle dog who has now been living her best Provence life for 14 years! That's right, today is her birthday and we want to tell you more about her and how she inspired us to create Trufflin.

DeeDee is a Lagotto Romagnolo, aka a truffle dog. Other breeds can be trained to find the coveted "diamond of the kitchen", but truffles run in DeeDee's DNA!

Since she was a puppy, our co-founder's mom Annie trained her to recognize the pungent smell of truffles. Truffle dog owners can do so by hiding truffles around the house: inside a sock, under the couch, or even in a drawer. 

Thanks to her early training and countless walks in the Provence's countryside with her family, DeeDee became an expert at finding black winter truffles - tuber melanosporum - sometimes even in her own backyard! By the time she turned one year old, she was winning regional truffle hunting competitions. 

Throughout the years, DeeDee inspired Annie's daughter and son-in-law, Liv and Cornelious, to bring Provence's truffles to the best restaurants in New York. Trufflin started with DeeDee's precious finds, and quickly grew within the NYC chef community and beyond. 

A few months ago, DeeDee unfortunately turned blind due to a genetic disease, but she not only still finds truffles on her long walks with Annie, she also finds pure joy while doing so. Her vision might be gone, but her nose remains intact, if not even more sensitive to the deep, earthy aroma of Black Truffles that is embedded in her memory.  

Her story is really our story, and we are thankful to share it with you today. 
Joyeux Anniversaire DeeDee!